simonSimon Mills is our new yummy mummy beauty columnist – and is bringing his expertise in the hair industry to our well-read pages.

Simon, is the director at Essensuals in Bramhall, and has an eight-year-old daughter and started hairdressing at the age of 16.

He has worked in many salons across Cheshire, been part of many photo shoots that have been shown in top magazines. He has also helped out at London Fashion Week as well as volunteering his skills for numerous charity events, such as Runway On The Runway – in aid of make a wish and teenage cancer trust.

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So during January in the salon I have made notes of the most common hair problems my clients are having such as “  have to wash my hair every day and it still looks dull and greasy” and “ my highlights always go yellow”.  I also get a lot of very common frequently asked questions such as “if I trim my hair every six weeks will it grow quicker?”

So with this month’s blog, I am going to advise you on how to avoid greasy, dull, yellow hair and enlighten you on some of those frequently asked myths.

Dull hair…

shampooSo first things first, believe it or not one of the most common reasons behind greasy, dull hair is the way we wash our hair.To back up this theory, I asked one of my clients to demonstrate how she washes her hair. She used twice the amount of shampoo needed, twice as the first shampoo didn’t create enough lather, slapped it all on the top of her head an rubbed it in with the palm of her hand. She followed this with too much conditioner applied straight to the roots. She then did what she thought was a good rinse. She does this nearly everyday. My client’s method of washing her hair has caused three problems..

  1. Product build-up
  2. A build-up of sebum (our bodies’ natural way of ridding fats from cells through our hair) the more we wash the more our body will produce.
  3. The more lather, the more sulphates we are putting into our hair causing it to dry out and become dull.

Here is a seven-step guide that my client has tried at home and can’t believe the difference in her hair …

1) Before wetting detangle your hair from tip to root.

2) Wet your hair with warm water.

3) Use a small amount of shampoo, no more than the size of a £2.

4) Then, rub the shampoo into your hand and distribute evenly through roots and ends.

5)  Using the cushion of your fingers, massage shampoo into your scalp and down into the ends. This will remove sebum build up.

6) MOST IMPORTANTLY rinse thoroughly, even if you think all the shampoo is removed carry on.

7) Finally apply a small amount of conditioner to mid lengths and end, use just what is left on your hand to massage the scalp. Again rinse thoroughly.

Do this and I’m positive you’ll feel the difference.


blondeYellow hair

Those of you who find your highlights go yellow this is simply because when bleach is applied to your hair it becomes more porous causing your hair to absorb the atmosphere. I’m sure you can imagine the impurities your hair can absorb on a daily basis causing it to discolour. The solution is a platinum based shampoo that is basically a bright purple shampoo that will neutralise the yellow in your hair.



  • You do not need to regularly change your shampoo.   If a shampoo works for you why change it? Your hair may change with the seasons, if this is the case it may be beneficial to try adding more protein or moisture to your shampoo,
  • Cutting your hair every six weeks will not make it grow quicker, hair appears longer as a regular trim will maintain healthy thick ends,
  • your hair will not stop growing at a certain length. Look after your hair and yourself, and your hair will flourish.