Slimtuition have a new class in Perthshire on Thursdays – being held in The Birnham Hotel, Dunkeld, Perthshire between 2 to 4pm run by eating adviser Lorraine Addyman.

P90801501-e1412421758537-300x200.jpgLorraine says: “We have opened up these classes for people in Perthshire and know that we can help all those out there who need some help losing weight.

“The Slimtuition programme has different plans that you can choose from to begin your weight loss. There’s Boot Camp, The Mad Plan, The 2+2 plan, The Lifestyle Plan, and The Downsizer – you choose which plan will suit you and your lifestyle.”

me-2-e1369044902547-65x150.jpg“I have tried Slimtuition and it kick-started my weight loss. And inspired me to be the person that was always in there wanting to lose weight. I lost ten pounds in 6 weeks.” Yummymummybeauty Editor, pictured left.

“Lorraine and her team are trained counsellors as well as nutrition and healthy eating experts. So not only do you have someone monitoring your weight and eating habits, but also someone who is coming on your weight-loss journey; someone who understands how you are feeling. I really appreciated this support. Lorraine was on hand any time I was feeling hungry or even a just wobbly.

It’s all based on eating nutritionally-balanced meals/soups/protein bars; two to three litres of water; little amounts of treats/alcohol – yes you can drink, but just a little bit. It’s a programme where your body burns your own fat stores for fuel; which is why Slimtuition gets results and fast.

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