• Gift a Seed Bomb and use it to plant a carpet of wildflowers come Spring

We all love gifts which are both fun and educational for children at this time of the year. A Kinross based Honey company has affordable WildFlower Seed Bombs, which can help restore lost wildflower habitat, and make an important contribution to the biodiversity of Scotland, available now on its online shop. 

Simply shake, soak, and then throw on to a patch of bare soil in the garden. Over time, the biodegradable shell will disappear, and wildflowers, which bees love, will grow! This is something your child can easily do in the Spring, with perhaps a photo diary being kept as the flowers appear in Summer!

Bees continue to decline with recent figures revealing that 97% of natural bee habitat has been lost in the UK since WW2. Without bees to pollinate crops we would end up with no food! – this is a fact we should definitely be sharing with children as we teach them about environmental issues, along with teaching them, in an age appropriate way, about bees fascinating life cycle! 

The Seed Bombs, from Webster Honey, are priced at £3.95 each, or £13.50 for four. Order at

You’ll find the honey at

If your child’s school or nursery would be interested in looking after a beehive for a year, with the Webster Honey beekeeper coming in to carry out a 10-week lesson plan, please ask members of staff to get in touch with Webster Honey. The business worked with many educational establishments all over Scotland before lockdown and is keen to start back into the classroom as soon as it is safe to do so.

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