• A quarter of women admit to keeping make-up for up to 10 years

• 40% of women have not cleaned out their make-up bags for over a year

• 37% of women have never cleaned their make-up brushes

A woman’s love affair with make-up has its highs and lows like any relationship, but it seems that the hardest part is letting go when they’ve fallen out of love with their once favourite cosmetics; as a staggering quarter of women admit to keeping some make-up items for up to 10 years.

Along these same lines, a glossy 40% have admitted to not cleaning out their-make-up bags for over a year, with an additional one in 10 women being unable to recall the last time they ever gave their make-up bag a makeover.

A report sponsored by ASDA further reveals that while a blushing 80% of women wear make-up, two out of five have never cleaned their make up brushes. Havens for bacteria, the recommended guidelines suggest brushes should be washed a minimum of once a month, however a surprising two thirds of women still only clean them once every three.

Of those surveyed, almost half of women (43%) were not aware that mascara should be replaced every three to six months for hygiene reasons, along with eyeliner and powder.

Yet make-up undoubtedly remains a girl’s best friend with Asda further revealing that women on average have eight make-up products on the go at any one time. Lipstick is the most popular handbag staple with 71% admitting it’s never far away from their grasp, followed by mascara with a pumped up 39% of women stating this is always at their disposal for a quick volume boost.

The retailer revealed that the majority of women’s make-up bags contain at least five ‘high street’ items and two prestige brands; with Asda’s products starting from as little as £2, make-up enthusiasts can afford to gorge on new additions to their make-up bag every time they do the weekly shop, as the retailer gives its customers affordable luxury for less, selling some of the below beauty essentials:

George High Lite! Stick £5, benchmarked against Nars The Multiple; George Cheeky Tint! £3.50, benchmarked against the Benefit Posietint; George Glow Shine £3.50, benchmarked against the Benefit Sun Beam; George Under Eye Concealer £4.50, benchmarked against the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat; George Shimmer Me! Brush-on Powder £4.50, benchmarked against the Soleil Tan de Chanel 4 Facettes Bronzers; George Precision Felt Tip Liner £2.75, benchmarked against the Maybelline Master Precise

Christina Dalton, beauty and toiletries expert at Asda, said: “With so many women wearing make-up, it’s shocking how many gloss over the importance of keeping their make-up brushes clean.

“At Asda we understand every woman’s faithful relationship with her make-up bag and its contents and our new fun and bright collection allows them to treat themselves to new products on a regular basis.”