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DSC07543There I am at the school gate chatting away to a couple of friends and the conversation quickly turns to how they can get themselves into shape and feeling fitter.

Things like…

“I just can’t seem to get myself motivated / find the time / get organised/ force myself to get out the door”.
“Oh but I want more energy / to lose a bit of weight / to feel like me again / well you just know yourself don’t you ….?”

Look, we’ve all said or done it. Me included. So, what actually stops us biting the bullet and just getting on with it? I hate to say it and please don’t stop reading but …. it’s most probably down to you. It’s your body. Yes, I know harsh but true.

Being a mummy comes with so many great perks but one of the challenges is that we just don’t have time on our side. So, this is where I think it’s ESSENTIAL as a mum wanting to get fit and healthy and slip into that Christmas party frock to make a list!

A schedule, a timetable! Sounds tricky, another task to do?
Well, yes but I honestly think that unless we schedule a time to exercise it is all too easy to just think you will do it later (and probably not!).

I’d start off with drawing out the things that you have to or really want to do over the course of the week. So, for example it might be drop children at swimming lesson or football practice.
Next, identify times in the week that you can manage to fit in some exercise and for how long. So, you might start to see a couple of wee gaps emerging – even if it is just 20 minutes in-between drop offs and pick ups or after you put the kids to bed.
Thirdly, jot down what you WANT to do. So, if you don’t mind a 20 minute power walk / run / cycle or workout video at home then write that down.

It will all depend on whether you can actually leave the house to exercise or if you are doing it whilst the kids are in bed!
Finally, once you have decided what you are going to do and where you are going to do it. Write it down and promise yourself that you are going to stick to it! Lay your gym kit out the night before (I’m a PE teacher at heart!). It really does help though, especially if you are going to be in a rush or exercising first thing in the morning.
Now before you go off and write that list agree three things with yourself please ….
1 Every day jot down how you got on at the same time (just before you go to bed might be a good idea!).
2 Display your new exercise schedule where you are going to see it. Perhaps at the side of your bed or lay it on your pillow when you make up your bed so you can’t avoid it!!! If it’s on your phone create a reminder to update!
3 Promise yourself that this time you are not going to make yourself bad by realising another 3 weeks have gone by and that you have not started your exercise schedule.
So, GO WRITE IT NOW AND STICK TO IT! You deserve to feel good about yourself and to feel proud you are taking control!

Try Gillian’s calorie blast…

About Gillian and Highland Hustle

shoese150Fitness expert and mum of three Gillian Urquhart is our new yummy fitness columnist – and she will be giving you tips on how to get in shape for Christmas…

Gillian, 39, who is the founder of Highland Hustle – a cardio on-line workout based on Highland dancing (www.highlandhustle.com; check out this clip

has been dancing since she was five, and is on hand to get us all in shape and has come up with some tips just for us.

She said: “Scottish Highland dancing is a great way to give you a cardio work-out while having fun.

“The pace is fast and furious, we all go for it and are absolutely exhausted by the end of just a couple of dances. It’s a real work-out without the monotony of many an exercise class or regime, which is why I think Highland Hustle classes work. proving popular. It reminds us of all the fun we have at ceilidhs.”