image006Stretchmarks are the scourge of all womankind – tums, bums, thighs. We have them all places.. and most women have them after their babies.

But you don’t have to put up with them. There is help out there. And we have found a great little product for you to try..

Fiona Kerry is a young woman who developed very sore stretch marks. Towards the end of her pregnancy she developed PEP (Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy) This meant the rash began to appear within her stretch marks, making them all red, bumpy and itchy. She tried a range of different creams but nothing seemed to work, she then found that Remescar Stretch Marks has cleared up the marks and really helped her skin. Fiona calls it a magical skin cream…Remescar Stretch Marks – (£24.99, 100ml)

Here’s here story…

When I fell pregnant, stretch marks were something I was always very worried image005about. I hated the thought of losing my smooth, all be it soft, tummy. I used all different kinds of lotions and creams, both expensive and inexpensive.

And although for most of my pregnancy I avoided them, they appeared eventually. At first they were very light pink and hardly noticeable and I kept applying my oils and creams just hoping they wouldn’t get any worse. Unfortunately this wouldn’t be the case.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I developed PEP (Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy) This meant that at rash began to appear within my stretch marks, making them all red, bumpy and itchy. It was confined to within the stretch marks at first, but the developing rash began to spread, and even worked its way down my legs, up my arms and even round my back and on the palms of my hands. It was such a dreadful time in my pregnancy when I should be enjoying the last 6 weeks or so and I couldn’t. Steroid ointments cleared up the rash, but left my stretch marks red and angry. 

Thankfully I was sent a sample of this cream for stretch marks!

Although I still seem to suffer from baby brain and don’t always remember to apply it twice a day, I used the full tube and even bought another! I can’t begin to describe how pleased I am with the results I’ve got, and that’s even with not remembering every day! It’s honestly an amazing product, I can’t believe the wonders it’s worked on my mum tum… if only there was a magic cream like Remescar that banished the mum tum!! 

Thanks so much for giving me a little body confidence back!  – Fiona Kerrigan


Remescar is available from Boots stores nationwide and and Superdrug stores.