mee150So this month I tried some creams from the supermarket ultrtaaisles. Most mums with young kids don’t have the budget for the high end creams – as much as we love them – so i decided to challenge myself and the companies… so Garnier UltraLift Complete Beauty was on my radar. It was half price in Morrisons – I got it for £5.

This is the one with Davina McCall – I think she’s pretty real; I have always liked her. But of course, she is being paid for this campaign… so here’s what I think.

Week One…

So I put it on this morning and it sunk in instantly. My skin feels soft, smooth and looks pretty good. A good start… But it’s not just a good regime that keeps you looking good.

I have good skin for my age, I’m 48, because I have always looked after it, I don’t sit in the sun and I drink lots of water.

imgresAnd remember while we like to think we can unlock the secrets of good skin – don’t underestimate the gift of good health and skin our parents have given us.

Some people are blessed with young looking parents – and so it follows that you will look good for your age – as long as you don’t smoke, drink too much and sunbathe like a demon.

But keeping your skin protected and moisturised can help all of us – so make sure, you keep using creams. And if you have a spare fiver – join me in the challenge… and tell me what you think. I’m at

Week four...

OK, challenge over. What did I think? Not for me. it was fine for the first week of the challenge, but soon I began to notice that my skin was harder and less supple. It felt tighter too. This one is for a short-fix. If you’ve left home to go away for the weekend without your usual moisturiser. Pop into the supermarket for a quick-fix. Maybe for younger women – but not for my forty-something skin.