We have a new column for you – Tara’s Favourite Finds – from our resident beauty boffin… Tara Adamson, our self-confessed beauty addict. She is the David Attenborough of the beauty industry because what she doesn’t know about the latest products out there, isn’t worth knowing. Trust her, she knows her beauty…


Clarins Double Serum – Complete Age Control Concentrate, £55


One of the most-anticipated releases so far this year is Clarins Double Serum, and I’m delighted to say it does not disappoint. Presented in a double pump dispenser with trademark Clarins chic, this is a unique two-phase formula; one water-based serum and one oil-based serum which is released simultaneously in precise amounts.

Two pumps is perfect for full coverage; the serums are mixed in the hand and then applied to the face and neck. This is an intense anti aging treatment serum with a soft, silky texture and an uplifting, beautifully fresh scent.

Designed to be used twice a day, it sinks into your face quickly leaving it super soft, smooth and beautifully fragranced with no oily residue, just gorgeous-feeling skin. It is firming and intensely hydrating, plumps up all those fine lines and leaves skin radiant and healthy looking. It will help to even out skin tone and make pores less visible. I’m loving the smell, the texture and the feel of this product on my skin; you’ve just gotta try it for yourself.


Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder in Porcelain Pearl, £40

Available in two colourways; Brightening Nudes and Porcelain Pearl, I’ve heard a lot of people raving about these products and was keen to try them out.

I tested out Porcelain Pearl which is a pressed brightening powder presented in a sophisticated silvery compact; it contains a powder mosaic of six pretty pastel colours plus a handy sized mirror.

Sweep a big fluffy brush over the compact and lightly dust this super fine, silky smooth powder over your face to set your make-up and give the most beautiful luminosity to your skin. It can also be used on collarbones or décolétte; anywhere you want to have a lovely healthy soft focused glow really.

Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Finishing Powder contains extracts of Mulberry, Grape and Sodium Hyaluronate to keep the skin hydrated; it’s great for all skin types and all ages. This Finishing Powder makes your skin look radiant and perfectly flawless, waking up tired or dull looking complexions; it’s not shimmery but leaves skin with a beautiful sheer iridescence which lights up the face and ensures a more ‘polished’ finish.


Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara, £23

Ok. Mascara is my thing and if you’ve been reading my columns for some time now, you’ll know how picky I am. The shape of the wand and the type of bristles are important to me, but so is the formula; and Dior’s new Iconic Overcurl Mascara is a good ‘un.

It has a big, fat, flexible, gently curved brush with a dry, thick formula which goes on smoothly with no clumping. The mascara coats every single lash from the root to the tip, even those tiny, inconsequential bottom and corner ones. The brush is easy to use and molds itself around your lashes, helping to shape them as you want; even one coat makes lashes look glamorous; thick, long and beautifully curled.

Oddly, I have one eye with curled lashes and one with poker straight; strange, I agree. However, this mascara helps the straight become as gorgeously curled as the other. The curl holds all day and there is no slipping, sliding or drifting down the cheeks. It is easy to remove too; no need to rub, and as there are no fibres, there is no irritation to the eyes. I’ve always loved Dior Mascaras as they always deliver what they promise; Iconic Overcurl is no exception.