10291067_1126744667349350_4192173426990132565_nWe all love our cuppas, whether tea is our tipple or we need the enlivening smell and taste of coffee to get us through the day. Scottish firm Practically Slim Scotland have introduced health and weight loss benefit tea and coffee to their stable of products.

With proprietary herbs and plants which promote a balanced metabolism, Iaso Tea is a natural, holistic approach to wellness without any chemical based supplements or faddy diets. Simply make up the tea and leave to brew overnight, combine with cold water and refrigerate to drink throughout the day.

The Delgada Organic Coffee gives coffee lovers all the taste but with added health benefits. Extracts such as Ganoderma, Chaga and Cordyceps are included and with blends which curb appetite, blends with added non dairy creamers, Cappuccino and expresso blends, and a purist’s black, there is a coffee for every taste. There is even a Hot Chocolate if that is your hot drink of choice.

Both products can be ordered from Lorraine at on 07798 917740.