By Rebecca McKerchar

Eighteen-year-old university student Rebecca McKerchar is the latest beauty addict to join the yummymummybeauty team. She will write on specific products for her age-group because you don’t have to be a mummy to enjoy the site – you just have to be yummy.


Just want a lip balm?… Well; this looks and Lip Balm Perfector 01 Rose opensmells divine and feels very luxe.
I’m not quite convinced by the lip-plumping qualities though, but it certainly illuminates and gives a lovely shimmer.

I personally, would wear this under any shade of lipstick, as I like my lips to be moisturised. Your lipstickĀ tends to last longer as well if you put this on first.
Plus I think this instant light lip balm would be great over a darker lipstick if you like a glossy look.
The thing I would have to say is that I don’t think many students on a budget would pay for this lip balm. There are other products out there that do a similar – and OK, not as good – a job, but at Ā£18, it’s pretty steep.

Maybe one for your mum as a present for her birthday… mine would love it.