By Rebecca McKerchar

Eighteen-year-old university student Rebecca McKerchar is the latest beauty addict to join the yummymummybeauty team. She will write on specific products for her age-group because you don’t have to be a mummy to enjoy the site – you just have to be yummy.

I recently tried and tested the Stylefile with almond cuticle oil and nail buffer and loved it. You get great looking nails – without having to paint them.

And I think this product will be very popular with women in the health care profession – because you get the polished affect without a hint of polish.

The almond oil is prior to filing your nails, which made my nails feel instantly softer and left them looking brighter in a very short period of time. It is also handy to carry in a hand/clutch bag for whenever I need!

The buffering product was my favourite though as my nails felt smoother and softer after using it. It looked as though I had applied a clear sparkling nail polish – and it only takes around 20 seconds per nail and of course you don’t have to wait till your nails dry.

While I love having my nails painted as much as any ‘girly; girl, I would happily wear my nails bare with the imagesbuffer effect. People working within the health care profession can now benefit with these products, enjoying smoothness and over faltering nails…. without a salon manicure!

Over a third of us Brits (38%) are not proud of our nails, with many women in the UK complaining of dry and damaged hands and nail beds. Nail care experts, Stylfile, want to change that percentage and are urging women across the UK to celebrate their natural beauty and embrace their natural nails.

Stylfile’s research reveals that many of us don’t take care of our hands and nails. It shows that we regularly expose our hands to harsh chemicals with 60% of women admitting they use bleach without protective gloves as well as a huge 78% not using gloves to wash up.

Only 19% of women believe that wearing gel nail varnish is harmful to your nails. Many seem to be addicted to decorating and faking perfect nails, which in turn damages natural nails through the use of toxic products and pollutants, leading them to become yellow.

28% of women recognise that leaving nail varnish on longer than a week is damaging for nails but a fifth (20%) of 18-24 year olds leave their nail varnish on for up to 3 weeks.  It’s for this reason that Stylfile are challenging women to go natural and take pride in their nails.

The typical British woman pays more attention to other body parts and spends £15.40 per month on face and body beauty treatments. Younger women between the ages of 18 and 24 are proving to be the biggest beauty-indulgers, splashing out £45.80 a month on grooming.

16% of those surveyed never moisturise their cuticles, which could explain the fact that a worrying 10% think the cuticle is the tip of the nail.  It’s key to keep cuticles moisturised to encourage healthy nail growth.

To help women battle nail dehydration, Stylfile spent the last two years creating the world’s first moisturising nail file – Stylfile Infuse. Complete with 365 days of almond oil to nourish nails and cuticles, it incorporates Stylfile’s unique curved design that follow’s the nail’s natural shape.

imgresStylfile creator, Apprentice Winner and inventor Tom Pellereau said: “When professionals told me the key to amazing nails was moisturising every day, I asked who has the time? It’s ok if you’re a catwalk model or footballer’s wife, but what about everyone else?

“I set to work inventing the world’s first moisturising nail file. It’s taken almost two years, but it gives the most amazing results. We’ve already been nominated for ‘Best Tool’ as part of the Fabulous Beauty Awards 2015.”

“The Infuse nourishes nails to keep them healthy and hydrated as well as shaping them so saves time. Stylfile would like to challenge people across the UK to love their natural nails and moisturise every day for 1 month and see the difference. “