lob2The long bob (or ‘lob’) is one of the biggest hair trends of the season – and a great look for summer festivals. Even style icon Victoria loblob22Beckham has her own version.

To get the look, think of creating soft curls; on mid-length hair. So dry your hair – straighten it lightly and then add your curls. You can use your tongs or straighteners. Adding curls will also shorten your lob and inch or so, so it’s great for maintaining that perfect lob haircut length in between trims.

Twist the straighteners or tongs from the middle of the length of your hair. This takes a little bit of practice but worth it. Take just small amounts of hair between your fingers, like five cms each – no really, and you will start to have a little more control of your curls.

And if you combine it with the brush highlights look, you surely do have your finger on the pulse…