Meet Emma our new yummymummybeauty columnist. Emma, 30, is a professional nail technician and runs her own successful business in Perthshire, Scotland.


“Hi, Emma here from The Nail Club and I will be talking you through how to get fabulous nails no matter how much or little time you have.

I have been working in the beauty nail industry for nearly 10 years now and specialise in the fabulous Entity and Progel products.

I work seven days a week most days from 9am till 9pm to fit around all you busy mums.

So there really is no reason or excuse for you not have gorgeous nails with all the latest colours and designs out there.

Treat yourselves now and again – because remember you are doing one of the hardest jobs in the world with no training !!

This month, I’m have found that people are hanging onto summer colours but are thinking of changing their tones because the autumn is on its way.

As a summer lover, I’m also struggling to let go and am currently supporting bright pinkish purple nails with a light blue glitter.

Ombre nails have been really busy all year long and I personally think these nails will never go out of fashion.

Whether it’s a bright statement ombré or a nude ombré they are all so super cute!! (see pic right).

But as you can see from the other pictures – you can fun with your nails; don’t feel you have to be too serious all the time.

Nails can reflect your mood and just watch your friends’ faces when you turn up with some of these designs.


Top tip – CUTICLE OIL CUTICLE OIL CUTICLE OIL… whether you have a gel polish or nail extensions or simply nothing at all on your nails, the cuticle oil penetrates any product.

The oil helps keep nail extensions and polish flexible for when we use our poor nails as tools.  This also keeps the skin around your nails nice and soft to avoid sores and dry, hard skin.

Speak next month…

Emma x


The Nail Club-Perth

Contact :- 07890591865