Nigel Liston, RED HOUSE HOTEL, Cupar Angus, Perthshire

Eating out is back, and at The Red House Hotel, Coupar Angus, you can enjoy Head Chef Nigel Liston’s delicious desserts – all the favourites are there, such as creme brulee and hot chocolate fondant!

The Hotel, which also has the Dalmore Inn and Number 31, both Blairgowrie , in its portfolio, is delighted to be back open. It’s making the most of outside space at all three venues. Red House has a large beer garden to the front of the building, whilst Dalmore Inn has some outside seating on its lawned areas. Number 31 now has an upstairs outside terrace with covered tables.

“Although people can dine inside now and have alcohol, we know that there are some guests that may still want to sit outside,” said owner Alan Bannerman. “We’ve covered all the bases.”

“It’s great to get out for a meal now, and we are seeing guests enjoy themselves with tasty food. As a hotelier, we exist to look after guests, it’s what we enjoy doing most, and we missed our regulars very much over the last lockdown.”

“We’re looking forward to a busy staycation year,” finished Alan, “We’re getting a lot of bookings from people in big cities keen to come to a more rural environment.”

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Nigel , who has a lot of experience in pastry, is often asked for his recipes, so here is one to make at home:



Brûlée recipe 

500ml double cream

7 large egg yolks

70g caster auger

Popcorn essence (this can be ordered from amazon)


In a heavy based pan add the cream on a low heat, combine the yolks and sugar and whisk till creamy, when the cream comes to a boil remove from the heat, add half the cream to the egg mix, combine then return the mix to the pan, cook out the custard mix slowly over a low heat, if you cook to hard you will end up with scrambled eggs, when the mixture thickens to that when you stir it swirls from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock the custard mix is ready, remove from the heat, sieve the mixture into a jug, add the popcorn essence to taste, pour in to ramekins and leave to set over night in the fridge, 

When serving dust the brûlée’s with sugar and caramelise using a blow torch. At the hotel we serve them with honeycomb ice cream and fresh popcorn.