Top three things to do once the kids are in bed

By Samuel Jones


How do you get your kids to go to bed? Getting them down can be a nightmare. Bribery sometimes works, but generally the best way is to tire them out – lots of exercise rather than TV and video games. But we all have different ways, baths, reading, warm milk. It’s all about routine.

Often when they do go to bed and settle down parents are left feeling fairly exhausted themselves, the joys of parenthood are frequently over-stated and by the end of the day, you may just want to close your eyes.

But if you don’t want to fall asleep or watch TV after the kids are safely tucked up in bed, there are many alternatives that can be considerably more fulfilling.

If you are stuck for ideas then here are a few suggestions of things you can do online.


Online shopping

We didn’t need the scientists to tell us that shopping is good for us, we have always known it, but recently a scientific study on the benefits of retail therapy has proven it to be the case. As there is likely to be another scientific study in the next little while that proves the opposite (scientific studies seem to be like that) make the best of it while you can. Shrug off any side comments from your partner (point him in the direction of New Scientist), go shopping online and treat yourself as you know you’re worth it.


Online learning

Have you ever wished that you had paid more attention to those French lessons at school? Learning a foreign language online is becoming increasingly popular and one of the great things about it is that you can do it entirely at your own pace without having anyone breathing down your neck.


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(This article is written by Samuel Jones)