Screen-Shot-2014-12-30-at-22.00.03-1024x628We can all be forgiven for letting the exercise regime slip over the festive period.


For many, the upper arms quickly show the tell tale signs of not much exercise except perhaps lifting the odd mince pie or glass of fizz to our lips!


The humble tricep dip is a brilliant exercise for toning the arms. Cheerio bingo wings!  This exercise uses your own body weight so nothing special required. The second bit of the clip (see below) incorporates engaging your core and legs too.  Try to do the exercises as slowly as you can for maximum benefits!  If you do have any light ankle weights then you could try adding these to the leg raises to increase the effort as you get better.


It’s really important to keep the elbows facing directly behind you and allow the arms to do the work.  Once you have this exercise right you will feel it in the backs of the arms – believe me!  Always build up gradually and of course – make sure you lean on something solid that is not going to slip away from you when you lower your body down.


This video has been done in two different extremes of weather but depending where you live you might have your vest tops on right now!  Otherwise, start now and you’ll be proud of those Scottish arms come Summer!



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