By Tara Adamson

Deputy Editor

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Elemental Herbology Facial Glow – £40 for 50ml

yummymummybeauty rating 4.6

What they say; “ Patents – LUMISKIN™ and KOMBUCHKA™ are clinically proven to help improve the texture and radiance of the skin and reduce pigmentation; SEPITONIC™ helps to increase cell turnover.

Actives – Apple Serum, Papaya, Orange Peel, Tangerine and Jojoba Beads gently shed dead skin cells; Manuka Honey helps to soothe the skin; Vitamin A, C and E, Green Tea and Pomegranate help to protect against oxidative damage. Bio-Oils – Pomegranate, Argan, Macadamia and Olive Oil infuse the skin with essential fatty acids to hydrate and nourish the skin.”

What we think; Elemental Herbology’s Facial Glow is a slightly gritty, thick, white cream containing micro-spherical Jojoba beads; gentle to use and non-abrasive, they help to gently slough away dead skin cells. This Peel also contains Manuka Honey, Papaya and Vitamins A, C & E and has a lovely fresh, fruity scent.

A couple of times each week, smooth onto dry, cleansed skin avoiding lip and eye areas; you won’t need to use much, so this little pot would last a good few months. This is a great express peel for those of us who are short on time as it only takes a maximum of four minutes to work its magic. Facial Glow felt gently tingly on my skin; it doesn’t dry out, but remains as a cream rather than drying or ‘peeling’ off.

Once your four minutes are up, it is easy to remove by gently wiping away with a warm, damp washcloth. Skin is left beautifully soft and smooth and positively radiating with health! Facial Glow is perfect to use at the beginning of ‘an at home facial’ as it leaves skin swept free of dead cells, so that other masks can penetrate deeper and more effectively,

I’ve been using either a moisturising mask or overnight mask to follow. My skin was looking dull and lifeless after the over-indulgences of the festive period, but this peel was great for brightening up my congested skin leaving it smoothed, renewed and revitalised.



Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel – £29.50 for 50ml

yummymummybeauty rating 4.8

What they say; “ This smooth cream peel contains an exotic cocktail of natural fruit enzymes from papaya and pineapple that helps to gently exfoliate, purify and regenerate tired or sensitive skin. Extracts of Bladderwrack and Sunflower remineralise and condition, while Porphyridium and Vitamin E provide anti-oxidant and free-radical protection.”

What we think; I’ve been wanting to try this award-winning product from Elemis for the longest time and I can’t think why I haven’t got round to trying it before. It contains papain; a natural enzyme extracted from papaya and pineapple which gently dissolves flaky, dead skin cells leaving skin brightened and purified.

This peel also contains Red Algae, Vitamin B3, Milk Proteins, Pineapple Fruit and Bladderwrack extracts, Safflower extract, and Sunflower Seed, Mint Leaf and Cumin Seed oils. Papaya Enzyme Peel comes in a small, silvery tube containing 50ml of soft, creamy gel which smells deliciously fresh and fruity; a bit like Fruit-Tellas! It has been designed to gently exfoliate the skin leaving it repaired, bright and radiant. Smooth evenly over dry, cleansed skin and leave for 10 minutes.

This creamy peel feels incredibly soothing on the skin; there is no tingling, burning or irritation – most of it was absorbed by my skin leaving it delicately scented. Remove after 10 minutes with a warm, damp washcloth and pat dry with a soft towel. This was the only peel I tested which didn’t leave my face feeling tight or dry; instead, my skin was left feeling beautifully moisturised, soft and refreshed with a gorgeous healthy, dewey glow. Papaya Enzyme Peel is ideal for tired, sensitive, mature or delicate skins as its so gentle, it doesn’t strip the skin, but leaves it feeling comforted and soothed.



Ole Henriksen Lemon Strip Flash Peel – £35 for 50ml

yummymummybeauty rating 4.5

What they say; “Now you can achieve the benefits of an acid peel that you would receive at the spa with our amazing lemon strip. Lactic, glycol and fruit acids combined with orange and lemon extracts go to work peeling and refining skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a smooth, bright complexion.”

What we think; Lemon Strip Flash Peel is formulated with lactic, glycolic and fruit acids; fruit extracts which assist in exfoliating and resurfacing the skin, algae extracts calm and soothe, and liquorice extract helps to reduce hyper pigmentation and brighten the complexion. It comes in a small, heavy glass pot containing slightly cloudy, pale yellowy gel and comes complete with a small, stiff brush which has been specially designed to make application easy.

It has an unusual, slightly medicinal type smell and isn’t as lemony as I would have expected. It contains a natural 20% AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) complex which can make the skin more sensitive to sunburn, so do ensure that you wear a sunscreen after you’ve used this product. Easy to apply; use a teaspoon-sized amount of the gel and smooth evenly over face and eye area using the brush – I’d suggest you only use it on the face at first to see how your skin reacts as the eye area is very delicate.

It can be used up to three times per week; however, don’t overdo it – I’d only use it a maximum of twice. The gel feels very tingly once applied and remained on the skin as a slightly sticky gel; it doesn’t dry and needs to be washed, rather than peeled off. After 10 minutes, rinse away thoroughly with a warm damp washcloth. My skin felt tingly for about an hour after I’d removed the peel, it also felt a little dry and tight, so ensure you apply a good serum and moisturiser; Lemon Strip Flash Peel has left me with brighter, more youthful feeling skin which looked smoothed and radiant.

This was probably the most powerful peel I tested; if you have super sensitive skin, you may want to try a more gentle peel. However, saying all that this is the only product I tested where my husband actually commented on the result saying how healthy and glowy my skin looked!



Omorovicza Copper Peel – £82

yummymummybeauty rating 4.8

What they say; “ This foaming two-phase peel, combining a blue copper paste and a lactic acid activator, polishes and smoothes the complexion, refining dull skin and encouraging collagen production for immediate radiance. Skin instantly appears hydrated, rejuvenated and softened.”

What we think; Omorovicza’s Copper Peel kit contains 16 vials of product; 8 tubes of pale green Copper Peel Paste to remove dead skin cells and 8 tubes of clear lactic acid activator. Each vial should be enough for three, if not four applications; although you’d need to store each tube upright with some sort of sealer as the tubes are not resealable – sort this out Omorovicza!

I found this product easy to use, and quite fun to experiment with as part of an at-home facial. The paste smells fresh and slightly minty and has a thick, slightly granular texture; it should be applied to a clean, dry face and massaged gently onto the skin using circular motions to buff and polish. Next, massage in the lactic acid activator for two minutes.

This is a loose, clear gel which creates a soft, white lather when combined with the Copper Peel Paste. I experienced a very light tingling sensation once the gel was applied, but there was no burning or irritation. After two minutes, the whole thing is easily removed, again with a warm, damp washcloth. My skin did feel a little tight and dry afterwards, but once I’d applied my usual serum/moisturiser combo, it felt comfortable again. My complexion was left looking beautifully clear with a fresh, healthy rosy glow; it feels silky smooth, all rough and flaky patches have completely vanished. This is a luxurious product with a somewhat hefty price tag, however, it does last well and gives fantastic results (I’ve just found out that it is also available as a smaller, slightly more affordable set with four pairs of tubes for £48.)