By Tara Adamson

There are not a lot of beauty products she hasn’t tried over the last 20 years. Tara Adamson is a self-confessed beauty addict and has spent two decades on a beauty quest to find the best the industry giants have to offer. She is fast becoming our beauty boffin as she seeks out the latest and greatest products out there.

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Most of the time I can’t seem to find a spare 20 minutes during the day to apply a face mask, I don’t know about you? These Overnight Facial Masks are the answers to my prayers – perfect the night before a party for radiant, plumped skin; just apply at night after cleansing and let them work their magic overnight. Wash off in the morning, and you’re ready to face the day; perfect!

Aromatherapy Associates Anti-Ageing Overnight Repair Mask Rejuvenating & Repairing – £51 for 50ml

yummymummybeauty rating 4.2

What they say; “ An intense treatment to smooth and firm the skin’s appearance. Let rejuvenating rose and frankincense and potent botanical extracts go to work while you get your beauty sleep. Strawberry seed extracts feed your skin with rich fatty acids to help plump up the skin’s appearance and restore moisture, whilst nourishing oils and rice germ and millet seed help protect against environmental damage.”

What we think; I’m a big fan of Aromatherapy Associates products, and this Anti-Ageing Overnight Repair Mask was no exception. This intense face mask/night cream hybrid has a pleasant, delicately herbal scent and a soft white gel type texture.

The all-natural formula contains potent, therapeutic essential oils and is jam packed with ingredients to plump and restore, leave skin perfectly hydrated and protected against environmental aggressors. It comes in neat little easy to use squeezy tube containing a deceptive amount of product. When smoothed onto dry, cleansed skin just before bed, this mask melts into the skin and left my skin feeling slightly tight as it dried completely.

As my skin is a little dehydrated at the moment, I also tried smothering this mask over a layer of my usual facial oil; in the morning, my skin felt gorgeously soft, smooth and rejuvenated. This Overnight Repair Mask is suitable for all skin types, however, if you do have dry skin, I’d use it in conjunction with a face oil for best results. This is quite a pricy mask, but would be a great treat to give skin a bit of a boost over the party season – pop it on after a late night and you’ll be left with gorgeous skin by the morning. From


Elemental Herbology Moisture Replenish Biodynamic Facial Soufflé Overnight Cream – £47 for 50ml

yummymummybeauty rating 4.8

What they say; “ Helps to replace lost moisture, firms and plumps the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal for dry or mature skin, for use during the winter months or for frequent flyers. Hermatite and Gluadin WLM Benz helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; AQUARICH delivers a 24-hour moisturising complex by helping lock moisture into the skin. Wheat Protein helps firm and nourish; Calendular helps soothe; Shea Butter intensively moisturises the skin. Macadamia, Jojoba and Argan Oils combine with Rose Damask to nourish the skin with Essential Fatty Acids and improve the barrier function to help protect against wind, cold and dry air.”

What we think; I’ve not used any Elemental Herbology products before, but having tested out this mask, I’m keen to try more of their products as soon as I can get my mits on them! This is a very thick, white creme mask which has a dreamy, delicate floral scent; it comes in a solid glass jar which you need to stick your fingers in to get the product out.

I just wish it came with a spatula to make it a little more hygienic to use! Again, apply this mask to clean, dry skin in a thickish layer and massage into the skin until absorbed, then leave overnight. Use this mask a couple of times each week, or if your skin is extremely dry, apply every evening until the moisture levels have been restored.

It sinks quickly into the skin leaving it feeling neither sticky or greasy, but feeling moisturised and comforted. I adore this mask; it smells gorgeous and leaves skin feeling beautifully hydrated, revitalized and nourished. I’ve also used it around my eyes and smothered it on my incredibly dry, cracked hands where it plumps and calms any soreness leaving skin feeling soothed and comfortable; any flaky patches have miraculously disappeared. For perfectly plumped, dewey skin, this ones a winner! From


Origins Drink Up™ Intensive, Overnight mask to quench skin’s thirst – £22 for 100ml

yummymummybeauty rating 4.4

What they say; “ This overnight replenishing mask with nature’s most nourishing nightcaps, Plant Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid and Apricot Kernel Oil, instantly quenches compromised skin with deeply satisfying moisture. Avocado Oil and Mango Butters build up a reservoir for tomorrow. And Japanese Seaweed helps prevent future moisture loss. Skin awakens refreshed, replenished, ready to face the day.“

What we think; Origins Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight mask comes in a large tube containing a whopping 100ml of thick, citrusy scented creamy gel. Containing all manner of goodies to deeply hydrate and replenish all skin types, this mask can be used a couple of times a week, or more if your skin is feeling particularly parched.

Gently massage a layer of this mask onto dry, cleansed skin before bed; don’t apply too much as it doesn’t sink in as quickly as some of the other masks I tried. It’s a good idea to wear a large hair band to keep hair off your face as this is quite a wet, slightly sticky mask; let it soak in for 20 minutes before massaging in any excess and then dab the residue off with a tissue.

The following morning, all traces of the mask had been absorbed into my skin leaving it feeling super soft, supple and looking healthy and dewy. This lovely mask soothes and acts as an intensive thirst quencher for the skin; it feels like a big, comforting hug for sore, parched skin and is perfect, particularly in the winter for dry skinned gals.

Every bit as effective as the more expensive overnight masks, we think Origins Drink Up™ Intensive is fantastic value at £22 and one which will definitely be staying in my beauty staples stash. From


La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask – £204 for 50ml

yummymummybeauty rating 4.6

What they say; “ Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask brushes on and instantly melts into the skin where it works its magic overnight. The formula was designed to work with the skin’s natural processes – while you sleep, when the body is at rest. Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask strengthens the skin’s firmed appearance, helps replenish moisture reserves, and eases the effects of stress, nervousness, and pressure that can deepen the look of lines and wrinkles. In addition, the skin is refined and purged for a bright new look. Awaken with smoother, firmer-looking skin, the appearance of fewer lines and wrinkles, and your natural glow restored. Beauty Sleep has never been better.”

What we think; This is a super luxurious, lightweight gel mask which has the typical La Prairie Skin Caviar scent; fresh, clean and delicately floral. Presented in typically sophisticated La Prairie packaging; a beautiful deep blue glass pot with silvery lid, complete with an applicator brush.

Dot onto cleansed skin then smooth over face using the applicator brush and massage in using fingertips; it quickly melts into the skin leaving no sticky residue, but feeling hydrated, soothed & velvety soft. Great for all skin types and ages, this mask contains Caviar Extracts to firm and lift, Sunflower Seed Oil to hydrate and Papaya to exfoliate, smoothe and soften. Easy to remove the following morning by just cleansing as normal, skin is left super soft, perfectly hydrated, pampered and revitalised.

I imagine you’d be able to get about 20+ uses out of the pot, but even so, this is a truly luxe, indulgent overnight mask with an eye-wateringly expensive price tag. You could think of this product as lots of mini beauty treatments in a pot; use it a couple of times a week, more if your skin needs extra hydration and forget going for facials until the pot runs out! From