By Tara Adamson

There are not a lot of beauty products she hasn’t tried over the last 20 years. Tara Adamson is a self-confessed beauty addict and has spent two decades on a beauty quest to find the best the industry giants have to offer. She is fast becoming our beauty boffin as she seeks out the latest and greatest products out there.

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Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 50 – £37.60 for 50ml

yummymummybeauty rating 4.9/5

What they say; “Add critical UV defense to your moisturizer or foundation with this Broad Spectrum sunscreen for all skin conditions. Sophisticated, non-chalky formula forms an invisible shield against skin damaging environmental assault with Green Tea and Grape Seed extracts. Antioxidant vitamins C and E help improve skin smoothness and softness while providing added defense against skin-aging free radicals. Apply directly to face and neck for full SPF50 coverage, or mix equal parts with your moisturizer or foundation to add critical defense against skin-aging UV light.”

What we think; Dermalogica’s Solar Defense Booster SPF 50 is a thick, creamy white lotion with a light, almost lavender like smell. It comes in a neat, slightly squeezy little plastic bottle with a screw top lid – so handy to pop in your handbag that there are absolutely no excuses not to use it!

It’s free from artificial fragrances and colours, and contains antioxidants, green tea and grape seed extracts to help defend skin against the damaging, ageing effects of the sun & our environment. This lightweight lotion smooths out easily and absorbs quickly leaving skin smooth and silky with a lovely healthy sheen; it’s non sticky and leaves no ghostly hue. This is the only sunscreen I’ve tried which you truly cannot feel on your skin, it’s completely weightless.

Another thing I really like about this sunscreen (and I guess you could do it with any of these listed below) is that you can mix it with your daily moisturiser, rather than applying two different layers. I’ve even tried blending it with my foundation and it still works a treat. This is a great product for those wanting a very high SPF (I’m not sure whether it’s waterproof though), however, my one bugbear is the price – it’s incredibly expensive for this type of product. From


Elemis Liquid Layer SPF 30 – £26 for 40ml

yummymummybeauty rating 4.2/5

What they say; “This lightweight, broadspectrum physical barrier is your first line of defence against sun damage and pre-mature skin ageing. Formulated with naturally occurring mineral Titanium Dioxide, Elemis Liquid Layer provides water resistant SPF 30 protection against the sun’s harmful rays and pollution. Polymeric spheres diffuse and redirect UV light, preventing harsh, multiple assaults from the environment. Cellular protecting Anti-Oxidants and Photoprotectants help defend against daily pollutants, which can accelerate irreversible free-radical cell damage.”

What we think; This is a super lightweight fluid with a soft, milky texture which comes in an easy-to-use squeezy plastic tube with a long nozzle and screw-top lid; it’s a very loose formula which needs a good old shake before use.

It’s a lovely unscented product which is absorbed quickly leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated, however I could feel that I had a sunscreen on; not my favourite feeling, but I know I have to get used to it as I have to wear sunscreen every day.

It is invisible after application and leaves no tinge of whiteness; make-up goes on smoothly over the top and stays on well. Elemis’s Liquid Layer contains 7% Titanium Dioxide as the active ingredient to protect against cell damage, along with antioxidants and photoprotectants to defend against daily pollutants.

This sunscreen is water resistant (I’m told it still retains its SPF after 40 mins of activity in the water), which means you won’t have to keep reapplying immediately you jump out of the pool. Liquid Layer has a good level of SPF; but unless you apply it regularly enough, its perhaps not high enough for those with very pale skin. From


Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 – £31 for 60ml

yummymummybeauty rating 4.5/5

What they say; “Our daily, ultra light formula intensely moisturizes the skin and utilizes a high level of sun filters Mexoryl SX and Mexoryl XL to provide skin with effective UVA and UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen protection. This moisturizing, oil-free and dual-protection lotion helps protect against the appearance of dark spots, freckles, wrinkles, and skin darkening, while protecting against premature skin ageing.”

What we think; Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 is suitable for sensitive, pale skins that easily burn or for someone looking for super high protection in a sunscreen. It contains Mexoryl SX and Mexoryl XL for high level UVA and UVB protection and has antioxidant and moisturising benefits too.

It comes in a handy squeezy tube with snap cap lid – easy to use even when you’ve got greasy hands. This is a silky smooth white lotion with no scent; it has a light texture which blends well and sinks quickly into the skin, however it does leave a very faint white sheen and does feel slightly ‘tacky’ for some time afterwards.

Only a small drop is needed as it gives good coverage, spreading well; it feels lightly moisturising, but not remotely greasy; even so, you’ll still need to apply it over your usual daily moisturiser. Ultra Light Daily UV Defense doesn’t feel heavy to wear, but does feel like you’re wearing an extra layer on your skin; make-up applies smoothly over the top and covers the whiteness well. From


La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Extreme fluid SPF 50+ – £16.50 for 50ml

yummymummybeauty rating 4/5

What they say; “Suitable for women or men with sensitive skin, sun intolerance or those that may be exposed to intense sun regularly. Suitable for normal to combination skin. Helps to prevent sun-induced dark spots. Optimal SPF 50+ protection reinforced against UVA rays thanks to a filter system that combines Mexoryl® SX and XL and Senna Alata extract, a natural cell protector. Apply 30 minutes before exposure and re-apply frequently and generously every two hours to maintain protection especially after swimming, perspiring or towelling. Shake well before use. Avoid exposure to the sun during the hottest hours of the day. Keep children under three out of the sun. For external use only.”

What we think; Originally a French pharmacy brand, but now owned by the L’Oreal giant, La Roche-Posay have been pioneers in UV protection research for over 15 years. This Extreme Fluid comes in an unusual shaped bottle (a bit like one of those very old mobile phones!) with a screwcap lid so nothing leaks out; its also available in a tinted version too.

The product itself is a super runny liquid with a light non-greasy texture; it’s a bit messy to use as the fluid seems to gush out of the bottle, so take care and don’t squeeze the bottle! It feels lightweight on the skin, leaving it soft and lightly moisturised.

It doesn’t clog pores and doesn’t leave your face feeling sticky; I did find it left a faintish white tinge on the face though, however this can be covered up with a light layer of foundation or a BB cream. This sunscreen is fragrance and paraben free; it has a very high SPF and contains Mexoryl XL and SX filters to give protection against UVA & UVB damage; just right for those with sensitive skin and even the palest skin tones which burn easily.

It is highly water resistant; perfect for those of us who are water babies and still want to get our faces in the water. From