We’ve all heard of Aloe Vera, now see what it can do for you…


We stumbled across this cream and found it was more than just a moisturiser. In fact, it’s a cream for everywhere but it works wonders on your skin and gives your face a healthy glow as well as superb hydration.

It’s one to watch as it’s going to start flying off the shelves. It’s gentle and natural as well – a dream for mums.

I am fast running out of it now – I have a few scraping left, which never happens to me, plus I have friends buying it up and relatives asking for more of that cream. I have tried thousands of creams in my career as a beauty journalist and so I know a good one when it comes along and hits me in the face.

I wouldn’t be without it and while I do use other creams – all in the name of research – I still go back to this one for that glow and soft-face feeling. We hope you like this special yummymummybeauty discount – there’s more to come…

Elaine x


New cleanser launched

Eternal Skincare has announced the launch of their new Aloe Cleanse & Soothe Cleanser, £19.99. Aloe Cleanse & Soothe is the first new product in a series of planned launches for the Eternal Skincare range. The effective facial cleanser gently removes daily grime, pollutants, oil build-up and make-up, leaving skin clear, fresh, soft and supple. Paraben-free and gentle enough to suit most skin types, particularly those prone to dryness and sensitivity, Aloe Cleanse & Soothe Cleanser is a delicious combination of aloe vera, marshmallow, oat, chamomile and calendula. We’re trying this one, so will keep you posted.

About Eternal Skincare

Eternal Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser from Eternal Skincare is a ‘one pot winter wonder’. Containing over 50% organically grown aloe vera juice, the rich, intensive moisturiser is light enough to use under make-up, yet will nourish and soften even hard skin all over the body including problem areas such as knees and elbows. “The beauty of Eternal Super Hydrating Moisturiser is its versatility,” says Robin Aspinall, head of development at Eternal Skincare. “There are so many skincare products on the market which are only for one area of the body, but this one pot wonder works effectively on all areas and, as it is made mainly from natural aloe vera, it is even suitable for sensitive skin. Every age group will love Eternal Super Hydrating Moisturiser due to its powerful skin repairing qualities, so much so that it is quickly becoming a modern classic beauty essential. A pot of this ‘winter wonder cream’ makes a delightful stocking filler for daughters, mums, sisters and grandmothers.” All Eternal Skincare products are free from parabens, synthetic colours and animal derived ingredients. Made in the UK.


This is what we said..

Eternal Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser


Every now and then, there comes a cream that takes your breath away. On only day three of using this, I had notched up about seven comments of ‘your skin looks amazing’ or ’what new make-up are you using?’ Once I came clean about my new cream, I had friends appearing at the door with little pots to try it for themselves. You know, I hadn’t wanted to like it. I like a fragrance, this one’s unscented. I like specific creams for different parts of the body, but this moisturiser is for everywhere. Mmm. It’s jam-packed with Aloe Vera, which has great healing properties, but this cream makes your skin glow. It’s thick without being ‘glubby’ and lasts all day. Honestly – I’m running out of it quickly as everyone and their auntie wants to try it for themselves. It tingles a bit at first – perhaps the Aloe Vera, but it does seem to be a wonder cream and not one with a big price tag. It may not be one you’ve heard of; but it’s about to be HUGE. Just wish they would make it look a bit more appealing – sorry I’m a sucker for nice packaging; what you gonna do? From www.eternalskincare.com