New research reveals parents need an extra 14 hours and 29 minutes to happily fit in all of their activities and chores – EVERY DAY.

Research from M&S Bank reveals that parents need the equivalent of 38 hours a day to juggle the demands of work, home and bringing up a family. The report reveals that parents could do with an extra 14 hours and 29 minutes to complete routine tasks such as shopping, getting children ready, school runs, chores, travel to and from work and paying the bills, with many working through their lunch to be time efficient.

Mums prove to be busier than dads, needing 16 extra hours a day (16 hours and 9 minutes) compared to the 13 hours (12 hours and 50 minutes) dads need to navigate their way through a web of daily chores and activities.

Parents living in London are the busiest in the UK, ideally desiring 18 additional hours (17 hours and 54 minutes) a day to complete their list of tasks and chores, nearly twice the number of hours needed by those living in the South East (nine hours and six minutes). Mums and dads in the South West are a close second, wishing for 17 additional hours (17 hours 05 minutes) a day, compared to parents in the rest of the country, who need 14 hours and 29 minutes.

If parents are feeling stretched and short of time, almost one in five (17%) would sacrifice household chores or maintaining the garden, whilst a further one in five (20%) said they would spend less time sleeping or relaxing at home. And in an ideal world, almost half (47%) would devote more time to their family and partner.

However, while parents seem to value ‘family time’, catching up with friends drops further down the list, with only one in ten (15%) claiming they would use extra hours to socialise.

Two thirds (63%) of parents admit that they feel guilty or frustrated if they have to sacrifice or spend less time on a daily task than they normally would. As a result, many turn to loved ones for help, three quarters (74%) say they rely on support from friends, family, and their partner to give them time back. And when it comes to saving time in a normal working day, a third (33%) of parents work in their lunch hour, 34% shop online for food and clothes and almost one in three (30%) manage their personal banking or make appointments during work breaks.

Andthe research highlights that people are continually trying to be more time efficient by multi tasking when they can, with many utilising every break throughout the day to do their shopping and ‘personal admin’ tasks, such as paying bills or banking. Additionally, a quarter (23%) of parents and one in five (19%) non-parents say they visit their bank branch at least once every fortnight.

Colin Kersley, CEO of M&S Bank, said: “Wishing for more hours in the day is a familiar feeling for all of us but unfortunately we cannot conjure up the extra hours we need. The demands of modern life mean more of us are having to become experts in multi-tasking to fit in all of our daily jobs.

“We’ve all had moments when we wished there were more hours in the day, or an extra day at the end of the weekend because Saturday and Sunday just weren’t quite enough. And it’s these moments that can make us question our priorities and wonder if we are devoting enough time to our families or to the tasks that really do make a difference to our quality of life. It’s clear from our research that parents feel if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well and that the traditional 24 hour day is simply too short to cope with the demands of modern lives. 38 seems to be the new 24 for working parents.”

However, the M&S Bank research shows that it’s not just parents who don’t have as much “free time” as they would like, those without children feel they would need an extra 12 hours and 11 minutes a day in order to happily complete their routine daily chores and tasks.

Over one in five (22%) said that if they were running short of time, they would give up doing household chores or gardening, 23% said they would spend less time sleeping or relaxing. If they had more time in the day, a third (31%) said they would spend quality time with family, whilst a quarter (24%) would use it to socialise with friends. One in five (22%) admitted that if they had more hours in the day, they’d use it to sleep, whilst 18% would do more exercise.

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