We have taken on a new column – Whispers From An Angel – and we feel the sentiments and messages are full of positivity and hope. Tell us what you think?

Good morning 👼


Good morning 👼

Lovely card, as it is a signal that things are going well. You’ve made good choices and, will start to see things moving in the right direction.

Now it’s time to move onto the next stage whether, it’s with what you’re already doing, or on a different adventure. It is safe for you to build upon what you’ve already achieved for further growth, and it’s also safe for you to explore something different.

Today’s card Three of Actions can also mean traveling with career. Setting new goals. Time for reflection seeing how far you’ve come and, where you want to go next.

The need for patience. Everything worth having will be worth the wait.

Keep positive in all you do, make changes health wise so you’re looking after yourself and, take opportunities as they come 💜

Love and light