When it comes to the changes in season – your lips take a bit of a hammering. Plus it’s what we do with them that doesn’t help either. We bite them. We chew them. We lick them a lot. And of course we kiss with them. Not just our lovers – of course; (when we remember), but our children too. And there is nothing worse than a scraggy kiss from pursed dry lips, is there?


10 tips to improve chapped lips – in minutes


1.VITAMIN E – If you have vitamin E capsules on hand, puncture one and apply the oil to your lips. You’ll love the instant feel of soothed lips – and you don’t have to fork out for this either; most of us have them in our kitchen cupboards.

2. HYDRATE – If your lips are continually chapped, drink eight glasses of water a day— or two litres, if you can. While this won’t prevent dryness, it will keep your lips from getting worse.

3. DARK LIPPY Did you know that a dark, creamy lipstick can help protect lips from the sun and keep moisture in.

4. HUMIDIFIER When indoor air is very dry, prevent chapped lips by running a humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep. But this is for people with a serious problem – most of us will get by on the balms, creams and diet advice.

5. DON’T LICK Avoid licking your lips. Your saliva may momentarily provide a coating of moisture, but it’s short-lived and evaporates quickly, leaving lips drier than before. And the saliva contains digestive enzymes that dry out tissue.

6. VITAMIN B – Try eating more foods that are rich in vitamin B, such as whole grains, nuts, and green vegetables. Lack of B vitamins contributes to chapped lips in some of us.

7. PROTECT – Apply a balm with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 before you go out into the sun. Lips need just as much sun protection as the rest of your skin. Clarins, right, is a good one. Or Vaseline, pictured above is a winner.

8. FLAVOURS Don’t give a child lip balms with exotic flavors. Children tend to eat the flavoured varieties right off their lips, which further aggravates the chapping.

9. CUCUMBER Cut a cucumber into slices and hold onto your lips, allowing the water in the cucumber to soothe and replenish your damaged lips. Lovely and keep cucumber in the fridge for maximum affect.

10. PHENOL Stay away from balms that contain phenol or camphor. They’re very strong antiseptics that induce a major lip drought.