joArtist and candle maker Jo Macfarlane, runs a Scottish-based home scenting company bringing you scented candles and exceptional pieces of carefully selected hand painted antique furniture.

We caught up with Jo, 45, and asked her a little about her busy life and of course her beauty regime.

1. What do you do? I’m and artist, luxury candle maker and also buy and sell Antique furniture which I paint, I’m not doing so much of the painting at the moment as I’m busy with the Candle Making.

2. What makes your candles special? My candles are all hand-made by me at my kitchen table, made with 100% ECO soy wax and cosmetic graded oils. I am about to start an Aromatherapy diploma to enable my to properly blend oils for my customers Aromatherapy range, these also have a hidden healing crystal in the bottom.

3. How do you balance being a mum and having your own business? I always see balance as something that isn’t moving, so I like to get a motion that works instead, i thrive on change and challenge so what’s working one week might not necessarily work the next. Sundays are always a family day.

Vanilla (1)4. What is your favourite skincare range? I love Kiehls products, I visited their original store in New York, it started in 1851 as an Apothecary. It’s nice to know you are paying for the product inside and not fancy decorative packaging.

5. Tell us a bit about your beauty regime? My beauty regime is as basic as it gets, I love the Kiehls Rare Earth Masque and the Midnight Recovery Oil. As I have a few sports challenges on at the moment lots of water and sleep are paramount.

6. How old are you now and have you considered fillers/botox?  I’m 45 at the moment and haven’t considered fillers or Botox yet, but never say never!

7. What’s the most essential item in your make-up bag? Probably Touché Éclat, pot of Carmex and mascara. I never leave the house without make up on, not even to take the bins out, even if I’m running in the dark! I think that comes from all the years flying as an Air Hostess.