The Look Awards 2016 The 2016 Look Awards held at the Radisson Blu Hotel Glasgow, 15/5/16. Hair Stylist of the year Charlie Taylor (Photo by Kirsty Anderson/Herald & Times) - KA

Hair Stylist of the year Charlie Taylor has joined the YMB team – and is giving her tips on some of the best styles and how to get them.

Mum of three Charlie has led the way in hair design for three decades – and has salons in Scotland but travels the world inspiring other stylists and raising the bar when it comes to quality and standards.
Charlie, who still works on her salons’ floors, says that the joy of cutting and styling gives her a buzz 30 years on. She still loves her job.
Let her inspire you with her ideas and how to execute them. And even if you don’t want to try this at home… her styles are gorgeous to look at.


Bring on the braids

Corn rows 2Braids have it all: celeb status and tons of street cred. Once seen as a last resort for the worst-hair-day crisis or for those with a penchant for all things Swiss, braids are now, unquestionably, a fashion staple. They make a guest appearance on every red carpet, every fashion season and every trend forecast.

The secret to their success is their very flexibility. Mud-spattered festival-goers love them as the only way to work hair, other than the ubiquitous ponytail, on a three-day, mirror-free bender. Yet they also ooze enough glamour for weddings and the swankiest of events. Muss them up a bit and you’re ready for that date night.

Thanks to YouTube, which is teeming with experts demonstrating the latest techniques from their bedrooms, almost everyone can braid their hair. And for those who can’t or don’t want to, there are braid bars like ours, based in salons all over the country that offer it as a quick and affordable service.

Corn rows rock:

Corn rows 1You don’t need to have root growth for this super-cool look, but it does add drama. Divide hair into five sections: one at the top and two on each side. Then starting at the front weave hair, French-pleat style, to the back and secured each braid with a band. Perfect for festivals, but also great for those times when you just want pretty hair that you don’t have to think about.

Going Dutch:

The opposite of French-plaiting, Dutch braids are smoking hot at the moment. The technique involves taking the hair in underneath the braid, rather than over as you do with the French method, as you progress. It takes a bit of practice but the effect is worth the effort.

Muss it up:

Soften braids by pulling on the strands. Tie the band leaving a longer end free so as you pull on the braid it won’t tug out of the band. Sprinkle with hair powder or dry shampoo to give it body.

Summer loving:

Muss it upSo soft, so elegant and super-easy to do. Separate off the crown area of hair, then take a sectionHeart braid over the ear and plait. Tie up with a band and then gently pull to loosen slightly. Take the plait across the back of the head, twist it under and secure it at the nape. Using your fingers, slip through the loops of the braid to hook sections of hair from the crown and pull through the braid. It’s the perfect princess hairstyle.

I heart plaits:

Nothing says I love you more than a heart shaped braid. But don’t keep it just for Valentine’s Day; make any date-night special. Start from the crown and plait up slightly before sweeping down to the back where you twist the long pieces into a bun, then pin securely.