DSC_2274 (2)She followed her dream. And now it is a reality. You’ve got to hand it to Perth mum of three Eleanor Carstairs After watching a jewellery channel – she thought… I could do that.

This is her story.

“I gave up work as a Retail Sales & Marketing Assistant after having my twin girls with an intention to return to the workplace when they were of school age. However, just as my girls started school my mum and I lost my dad. With me being at home it meant mum and I could spend time together.

“My mum introduced me to a jewellery channel she regularly tuned into having watched it years previously with her beloved sister (my aunt, who is sadly no longer with us). While watching and loving what they were doing, she eventually persuaded me to purchase some beads and findings and take up the hobby of making jewellery which I did. I was hooked and have never looked back.

“In the weeks following, my mum and I designed and put together lots of pieces of jewellery and I found a perfect way to channel my design interest and do something which meant a lot to me in memory of my aunt.

“My aunt, who was an avid gemstone collector, had a keen interest in and was very knowledgeable about mineral specimens. She was also one of the most generous people I have known and throughout my years of growing up shared her knowledge and interest in gemstones with me.”

DSC_2205 (2)After quickly picking up beading techniques and consuming all the information about gemstones she could, she started to  I sell pieces of jewellery to family and friends.

“I had exhibited at small events and had jewellery parties. Doing this has given me the confidence to seek help from various different organisations and start up my own small business from home. I started up “adorngems” officially in April 2012, shortly after, setting up a website, www.adorngems.com and I am currently working on selling my items through my website and developing my jewellery techniques and knowledge.

“My style of jewellery is feminine and probably best described as elegant and understated. I have a love of oriental and Egyptian influences. I like using unusual shapes of beads and fancy cuts of gemstones too to give my designs diversity.

“As well as necklaces, bracelets and ear-rings I’ve made sets of cufflinks, created window and Christmas decorations and Wine Glass Charms. Currently I am making Tiara’s and Hair Accessories to match wedding jewellery. My preference is in using Sterling Silver and Vermeil with gemstones and I pride myself in taking great care choosing and working with these precious materials. So versatile, unique and truly precious they are and I cannot express enough just how passionate I am about using them in my jewellery.” More info on www.adorngems.com