????????????????????????????????????????We have a great EXCLUSIVE offer for our readers…

We have 20% off the mummy tummy package from cosmetic surgery expert Dr Ed, the founder and Medical Director of EA Clinic (99 Harley Street) a centre for non surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures based in Harley St. See feature…


This package consists of our amazing combination therapy:


1      The Pro-shock Ice works through cryolypolysis: using a cooling plate to freeze the fat cells and shock wave technology to damage/fracture the frozen cells.

2      The Velashape 3 treatment  combines, suction/massage to improve lymphatic drainage and aid removal of the injured fat cells, radio frequency and infrared to improve skin tightening.

3      The eMatrix improves stretch marks, conditioning of the skin and skin tightening.

These work well together and compliment each others effect.

As part of the package we also give you 200ml of Dr Ed’s Shea Butter that is 100 percent organic and fair trade. As an intensive moisturiser it prolongs and promotes skin elasticity, delays development of wrinkles, creates an air barrier against air pollutants and dirt. High in vitamins, A, E and F, it aids cell regeneration.

To claim the offer, contact .(www.eaclinic.co.uk;INSTAGRAM: eaclinic FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/EAClinicLondon) stating the code: cosmet yummy.