elemis-treatments[1]You know that saying ‘A little bit of what you fancy does you good…” well that sums up the Elemis Taster Facial exactly. I can’t stop looking at my skin since I have come out of the salon. No, really. I am serious; I keep catching glimpses of myself in mirrors and it’s glowing. No really.

And for some reason my bags look less, my wrinkles have disappeared and my face looks plumped andred earth luscious. I’ve checked both mirrors in the house, and even in the car (not while I was driving, obviously). No really, my skin looks different. And now other people are commenting. Am I wearing a new make-up? Have I been sitting out in the sun because I look really healthy? And you have a glow about you… and no I’m not pregnant.

I have had many facials with this job – and over the years, I have learned how to differentiate between a good facial and your average. I would say this one gets our Gold Star rating.

Quick glance: You are given a foot massage, and head massage; if wanted, as part of this treatment. I was given a brightening facial – using Elemis, by my therapist, also owner Vaila Fleming. This was an invigorating rather than relaxing treatment. But it was first thing in the morning and I wanted to chat to Valia all through it. Had I wanted to chill and be silent, that would have been fine too. (That’s me above just out – I have no make-up on… yet my skin is healthy and supple.)

About the owner

Vaila Fleming has been in the beauty business for more than a decade and it shows. Not only is the twenty-something beauty therapist and owner ‘beautiful’ but she knows a thing or two about her business – and of course beauty.

She is college educated and has tested out different techniques and treatments for years; working as a therapist before taking over the Red Earth business three years ago and moving it to a new bigger and brighter salon.

And she knows what women want. Especially mums. We all need that one hour – a day would be a dream come true; a week is probably what we should aim for, but let’s face it, if we get an hour off every month, we’re doing well.

So if you do have a wee space this month, then head down for this kind of facial. Just £25 and I assure you, it will leave you not only looking younger and refreshed, but you will feel this way too.

Red Earth Beauty
8 Princes Street

Telephone: 01738 441309