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Giving Thanks…

It’s been Thanksgiving, my favourite holiday when I was living in the States, this week. And it’s all about giving thanks.

No presents to buy, no cards to give, just getting together with family and friends to eat, drink and be merry. To give thanks for what you have, what’s been harvested.After an incredibly difficult year, I’m pretty sure that’s what I need to do right now.

I’m incredibly grateful for many things. I’m healthy, blessed with two healthy cubs. We are fortunate to live in a beautiful area, the cubs go to a school considered among the best in Britain, never mind Scotland. I’m beyond grateful for their love and they make me a better person every day.

We don’t have a lot at the moment, but I’ve never been driven by the bottom dollar. I’ve seen far too many people who would seem to be living gilded lifestyles who are desperately lonely and unhappy.

I’ve dubbed our little unit “The Three Musketeers,” and we band together in that spirit.

I’m grateful that I’m who I am and where I am. I look back at my time in Paris and New York, and the people there, with such love and affection that, at times, I feel the emotional pull physically. I’m grateful that I know you.

I’m grateful that I have been alive at the same time in the universe as David Bowie, Prince, the Clash and a long, long list of other people who made me feel. Actors, filmmakers, activists – people who make an impact on your soul.

I’m grateful for tough times as much as I am for good times. Because when the going gets really tough, several things happen. Your life and those in it are illuminated, maybe things you don’t want to see, keep hidden. And once that light is shone, you can’t ‘unsee’ those things or see those people in another light again.

There’s no reset switch on the memories. You have to excavate, rebuild and restore. And once the dust clears from the rubble, you see who is still with you. Who’s still helping and has always been there.

You also see who’s not.

So, thank you. All of you.

You know who you are.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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